News and comments from two of the top newspapers in the last 24 hours. Aftenposten Article Headings:
Should Reconsider His Position - (author NTB) 10/10/2009 A Pathetic Mistake - (author unknown - discussion forum) 10/10/2009 Limbaugh - The Nobel Committee Wants To Help Obama Castrate USA - Anders Nordstoga 10/10/2009
Comments from Aftenposten: Obama Awarded 2009 Nobel Peace Prize - Kristjan Molstad & Kristoffer Rønneberg 09/10/2009 - average 1 out of 30 in support.
The Nobel Peace Prize is probably the only way to get Obama to Norway so that Stoltenberg and the rest of the Socialists can bask in his glory.  - Fred Å Bevare What has he really done?  It is only because Bush was so extreme that Obama comes across as a kind and peace-making person?  - Steinar Obama should politely decline the award just like a caring mother would decline a gift that her son had stolen for her.  - Kjetteren Norway loves to crawl for big and popular people.  And imagine now the committee gets to say 'hello' to Obama.  That would have had some weighting in the decision.  - Gunnar
Dagbladet Article Headings:
Oslo Will Be A Terrorist Target On Obama's Arrival - Jonas Sverrisson Rasch 10/10/2009 Let Them Give It To Miss World Next Time - Britons Laughing At Norway - Lars Molteberg Glomnes 10/10/2009 Asking Jagland to Reconsider His Position - author NTB 10/10/2009
Comments from Dagbladet: Received a Peace Prize - Held a War Council - (author NTB) 10/10/2009 - average 1 out of 30 in support
Jagland should back down from the Nobel Committee. You are a bunch of whingers who will never achieve what Obama has done:  1. He made the world a better place to live both for blacks and white.  2. He closed down Guantanamo. And 3. He gave the world a hope that he is still working on, etc.  Give the man a chance before you judge him.  He has only been President for just over six months.  - Kent Steven Listen Mate, Obama can well go onto a peace prize but not yet.  THE NOMINATION FOR THIS YEARS NOBEL PEACE PRIZE CLOSED 11 DAYS AFTER HE BECAME PRESIDENT!  Former worthy winners have been degraded by this award.  - Billyquiz Where have you been since January this year - in a coma?  1. In Iraq and Afganistan he has continued where Bush lead off.  Lately he has esculated in Pakistan and planning a major war against Iran.  2. He has not yet closed down Guantanamo.  If he still does he will establish another 'Guantanamo' somewhere else.  He has the Bargran Base outside Kabul under heavy construction.  3. He gave the world nothing at all and he won't - unless you count tauture, war and more war as something he 'gives' us.  Give the man a chance? Are you waiting for 'the great man', the messiah of politics?  You will be disappointed.  I'm amazed you don't see all this now.  It's clear as day.  - Ragnar Johannessen

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