abc-line podcast Hei, alle sammen! Thank you for being so patient with us. We haven't uploaded a podcast in a while as we've just had a baby who is taking up a lot of our time. We greatly appreciate your encouragement and are excited to get back in the saddle again. We are only new at teaching Norwegian and are still working out the kinks in our lessons so bare with us. One day we hope to have the best Norwegian learning series online. In this Podcast we talk a little bit about the grammar of personal pronouns and how to use them in sentences instead of nouns.  We also talk about words that make lists or add information such as 'or' and 'and'.  There are a couple of 'listen and repeat' exercises as well. These podcasts are designed around the My Little Norway Norwegian Lesson Series. For us to provide a wide variety of listening and vocal exercises, it is essential for listeners to view the text in focus. This text can be found in each podcast post, or in the associated Norwegian Lesson post. This podcast is taken from Norwegian Lesson 103.  The length of the podcast is 9:50 mins.   abc-line-1 Grammar Jeg heter Nina. Vi kommer fra London. Hva heter dere? Hvor kommer du fra? Jeg heter Karen.
Jeg er John. Hvor kommer du fra?
Du kommer fra Norge. Vi kommer fra London. Hva heter dere?
Hvor kommer dere fra? Hva heter de? Hvor kommer de fra? Words in focus: 'de' and 'det' _ Exercise 1: How are you two? 1. How is Ted and Bill. What are they called? We come from Austria but we live in Norway. 2. Is John from Alta or Oslo? I live in Tromsø but I come from Denmark. We are fine. Where are they from? Where do you come from? 3. Jill and Jane come from London. What are your names? 4. Alex and Sandra are good. Where do they live? _ Words in focus: med, eller, men, og, de The five personal pronouns in this podcast jeg, du, vi, dere, de _ Exercise 2: Repeat the Norwegian sentences after Moose. abc-line 

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