"Mamma. Ka du gjør? Ka du gjør?!" I couldn't answer - I had no idea what Lilu was trying to say. "Ka du gjøøøør?! Mamma!" I looked at Moose, feeling a little hopeless. He said with a smirk, "She's asking you what you're doing." Had I missed something? I thought that to ask someone what they were doing you say "Hva gjør du?" Not only was Lilu saying 'ka' instead of 'hva' but she had the sentence all mixed round - or so I thought. But Lilu was speaking dialect! Tromsø dialect to be exact. Oh no. Not only do I have to learn Norwegian, as hard as it may be, but I also have to learn Tromsø dialect!  Gosh, can Norway make it any harder for me? 

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