black-currants Farmor loves growing her black currants.  They have a prime spot in the front yard right next to the potato field.  At the end of Summer you'll find Farmor in the middle of the thicket picking every last one.  The black currants have a very important job - they provide the family with enough home-made black currant juice (ribena) to last the whole year. squeezed-black-currants First Farmor boils the juice out of the berries.  Next she squishes and sieves the berries by hand to get every last drop.  Then she adds cloves (or cinnamon) and sugar to flavour the berry syrup which also helps to preserve it.  She stores the syrup in glass bottles in the cold room (a normal room in the house that doesn't have the heater on!)  When Farmor wants to use the black berry syrup she adds water just like cordial.  The drink can be served hot or cold. At meals, family gatherings and celebrations there is always a jug of black currant juice on the table.  Sunday grøt wouldn't be the same without it.  Farmor is very keen on helping the family eat healthy and her black currant juice is jammed packed with real vitamin C - perfect for the long Winters.  Even so, I don't think her juice would taste half as good without the love it took to make it. black-currant-juice 

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