The Bull Horns, or Okshornan in Norwegian, is a mountain formation jutting out from the Senja island coastline. It is obvious that the mountains get their name from their shape as they are very sharp. It seems they are just one row but actually they are made of layers of peaks.

This spot is a popular tourist destination as the view faces north, and with the Midnight Sun, you can witness a striking contrast of broody mountains against a yellow sky. As you can see, every time we have visited the area in summer, the weather has been very moody.

A boardwalk from the road leads down to a rocky end. However, you can jump over the tide-pools to get closer to the water’s edge for a better view. In Autumn, the waves are a little more angry than usual so make sure you don’t get too close as freak waves are a regular occurrence. This spot makes good for long exposures as the white water flows over the rocks.

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