Holey socks have never been an issue for me.  You put on your socks and your toes stick through, but no worries, when you  put on your shoes people are none-the-wiser. However, now I'm living in Norway and I'm finding that holey socks are not as appropriate to wear anymore.  It's not because it is cold here and your toes might freeze off (although, I would see your point) but when you go visiting family, friends and even acquaintances in their own home it is the custom to take off your shoes and walk around in your socks.  It is the little pinky-toe peeking out for a surprise hello that can be a little embarrassing .  I have never had to be so careful before as to co-ordinate socks with my outfit let alone making sure each one doesn't have a hole in it that could cause an awkard situation. I have caught myself a number of times (even at the health clinic) with holey socks and so have to hide the hole between my toes sometimes inducing a toe cramp!  Spending so much attention on your socks can be exhausting.  All that running around the house, searching in cupboards and laundry, only to find that the last two unholey socks in the house are a pink one and an brown one.  Happens every time. But I must admit, I am getting better.  I used to wear just pantyhose in my boots.  Seeing all those naked toes I'm sure would have made any Norwegian queasy.  However, I don't think Norwegians can talk... have you ever seen a Norwegian's feet? 2-left-feet 

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