One day the weather girl must have been really bored: 

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Eli Kari Gjengedal is the weather presenter for TV2 in Norway. As this was a special day – it rained all over Norway – she sang the weather to us for the entire country including the sponsor message at the end, just to cheers us up. As Norwegian isn’t really designed to rhyme, Eli had to be a bit creative with her traditional Norwegian folk-style song:

My name is Eli Kari, I think I’m a meteorologist
This is the best weather you ever saw
Spitsbergen gets cloudy, some rain but little wind
West Finnmark gets rain tonight, and wind from south-west
Nordland gets rain from south tonight, tra-la-la
Gails in Lofoten, tra-la-la
And in Vesterålen too, large trees may blow over
– if they’re not standing in cover, tra-la-la
Tra-la-lalala, then it’s Trøndelag…
Møre and Romsdal gets some clouds, a little rain and storm
With gails on the Møre coastline, so remember good clothes
The West Coast gets showers, with gails south of Stad
The South gets a rainy day, but they’ll probably dry up soon
And the day will be long and sad, tra-la-la
Showers and thunder here and there, tra-la-la
The East will be grey and cloudy – how great!
It the mountains it will rain suddenly, tra-la-la
Tra-la-lalala, rain and gails here…
The low pressure is hovering west of us, with grey weather everywhere
Most places on Thursday will be pretty, pretty cold
And the high pressure pocket will give us nicer weather in the South
The high pressure pocket, you say, you have never heard it before
And that was the weather for today, tra-la-la
So let’s shout hooray, tra-la-la
And now don’t forget to send us your pictures, if you please
Then you can win a Bergans backpack, tra-la-la
Tra-la-lalala, wish you all a pleasant evening!

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