Yes, we get In The Night Garden here: Drømmehagen.  We watch it religiously as Lilu loves to dance and mimic the characters.  My favourite character is the OCD-geriatric stone-stacker who gets around with the walker - Makka Pakka!  (We're still trying to figure out what the circles are on his head and butt - are they rocks, antennas..?)  But his song and dance is the 'funnest'. Moose caught me the other day singing Makka Pakka's song (well, what I thought COULD be the song - rhyming goes a long 'Makka Pakka baka kaka!'  Little did I know I was making perfect sense, well, in Norwegian.  Moose was hearing me say: Makka Pakka baked the cake! I think I've just discovered the secret to learning Norwegian... out of the mouth of babes. 

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