boats-at-dawn There are certain places around the island that I am always drawn to.  I've stood on this jetty many times before looking out to the sailing boats.  Sometimes I am there at dawn during the midnight sun.  The sun never goes down during this season but the mountains to the East are so high that the sun still has to rise above them in the morning hours and an artificial dawn-effect wakes the city.  This is the time I took the picture above. Sometimes I am standing on the jetty during the dark season.  The sun never makes it over the horizon and at noon only a dusk-light reaches the city.  This is the time I took the picture Boats at Noon. One time I was standing on the jetty and I could see nothing at all except its rock boarder.  Autumn had brought in a beautiful thick mist that made me see my view in a different light. rock-mist 

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