bukta-sun We went to the beach today and it was packed.  But looking at the above picture towards the water you can't tell.  So where are all the people..? beach-grass ...on the grass.  When it's hot North Norwegians go to the beach but not to swim, only to sunbath.  When they get too hot they head for the water and walk in until they are chest deep and then walk out again.  All the kids just play on the sand (shells) or tippy-toe at the edge of the water.  So why go to the beach in Summer not to swim?  Because the water is absolutely freezing! Norwegians say that the water only hurts for the first 30 secs (and that's because after that you are so numb you can't feel a thing.) lilu-bukta Unfortunately, Lilu has no Norwegian sense when it comes to water - she is a true blue Aussie water-baby.  By the time Moose could drag her out she was purple all over... but do you think that would stop her from going in again? 

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