abc-line podcast In this Podcast we talk about sentence structure from Norsk Dialog.  We look at word placement in both basic statement and question sentences.  We also introduce a simply compound sentence with conjunction. These podcasts are designed around the My Little Norway Norwegian Lesson Series. For us to provide a wide variety of listening and vocal exercises, it is essential for listeners to view the text in focus. This text can be found in each podcast post, or in the associated Norwegian Lesson post. This podcast is taken from Norwegian Lesson 103.  The length of the podcast is 7:20 mins.   abc-line-1 Exercise 1 Read Karen:
Norsk Dialog Nina:  Hallo! John & Karen: Hei! Nina:  Jeg heter Nina.  Hva heter dere? John:  Jeg er John. Karen:  Jeg heter Karen. Nina:  Hvor kommer dere fra? John:  Vi kommer fra London. Karen:  Hvor kommer du fra? Nina:  Jeg kommer fra Oslo, men jeg bor i Trondheim.
Words in Focus dere - you (plural) du - you (singular) hva - what hvor - where men - but og - and vi - we Conjunction example: Vi kommer fra London. = Jeg kommer fra London OG Karen kommer fra London. Exercise 2 Repeat Norsk Dialog sentences after Moose. Exercise 3 English, Norwegian, Repeat: 1. I come from London but I live in Norway. 2. I’m called Jack and I live in Tromsø. 3. I come from Alta but Jane lives in Bodø. 4. I live in Oslo and Peggy lives in Canada. Exercise 4 Dere and Vi.  Answer the questions about you and your family in Norwegian.  (Hvor bor dere?  Hvor kommer dere fra?.  Hvardan har dere det?) abc-line 

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