There is not much to do in the last appointments with your doctor and miwife the week before you give birth excpect the same old checks.  You might arrange your stay in hospital - hotel or materniy ward - fill in some more information forms, (which also helps the system collect statistics on how many pregnant mothers have smoked, drunk alcohol or coffee, or taken any suppliments or drugs during pregnancy), and talk about any concerns or fears you might have of the approaching birth. I found out that my symtoms from my last test results indicated that I am pre-diabetic but as I was so close to giving birh there isn't much I can do but just eat well and get lots of sleep.  However, I will need to have further diabetes tests after birth - sometimes guestational diabetes turns into the ral deal after birth. I also had another ulrasound and everything was just getting bigger (than normal) so they scheuled me another one just two days before my expeced due date. In this last week I have had one false alarm.  I woke up one morning with regular contractions for about two hours.  We called up the materniy ward just to give them the heads up that I might be coming in.  But, as it turned out, we got all excited over nothing.  When I had my last midwife appointment she asked me about it (to my surprise).  I hadn't realised how closely the midwife clinic and the maternity ward work together.  They tell each other everything.  It's nice to have an allround care like that. The good thing to know is that from this stage not much can go wrong - it is generally smooth sailing to the end... generally. 

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