Usually the more babies you have the bigger they get.  Unfortunately, we are also up against genes as Moose is your stereotypical Norwegian at 6'7".  (I find it very odd that the world thinks Norwegians are tall because the higher you go up in Norway the shorter they get.  Must have something to do with the weather.) Being my fourth combined with genetics, you don't have to imagine how big the baby is.  Below is my last three Fundal measurements (tummy size): fundal-size Where you see the 'X' marking the spot you will notice that it doesn't follow the normal Fundal line.  In fact, my tummy is so big it doesn't even slip into the average green section even though the baby has engaged head down now.  Nope, this baby has definitely taken off.  The baby is already 3.5 kilos (normal is about 2.4 kilos) and the head size is a little disturbing - if the baby's head grows too much more then I will have to have a caesarean.  You can't fit a watermelon through an orange. I still look forward to a natural birth.  Even though the head is big there are still a couple of things I can do to encourage the birth I want: Firstly, I have a comment in my Birth Plan about utilising an experimental technique at UNN to prepare the body and prevent perineum tearing.  As the baby crowns the midwife helps the perineum to stretch by light massage and manipulation over the baby's head.  This is especially good if the baby crowns too quickly and the perineum hasn't had time to properly stretch.  The technique was invented in Finland and many Norwegian midwives have a study subject in Finland to learn this technique. Secondly, I can prepare my body myself, particularly the perineum, to cope with my baby's head size.  My midwife recommended that I have my perineum massaged every night before I go to bed with peanut or olive oil to help soften and stretch it in preparation for labour.  She then turned to Moose 'so you have some work to do!'  It certainly makes it a lot easier for someone else to do the massaging but the best thing about it is that Moose and I get to have Mamma and Pappa time.  When you already have kids sometimes later pregnancies pass by too quickly.  The massaging sessions have given us a half hour a day to be together, to talk about the baby and get excited.  The massaging is really working and, best of all, is curbing my fears of tearing too much.  It feels good going into labour knowing I have done everything I can to fully prepare. 

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