war-ruins-farm-6 If you walk along the north fence on Farfar's farm you will find a corner pocket of fir trees.  The fir trees grow in rows, equal distance apart.  This little forest is certainly man made, Farfar planted it a long time ago.  Maybe it was to hide what was on the ground underneath, or maybe the trees are there to hold this part of the farm as a monument. war-ruins-farm-5 war-ruins-farm-4 war-ruins-farm-3 Nestled under the fir trees are ruins left by the Germans from WWII.  The stones are cracked and moss lines the top of them but their frame is still clear. war-ruins-farm-2 It felt strange walking through the ruins.  I wondered what it would feel like to have your country 'stolen from you'.  I don't know why Farfar left this reminder on his land.  The war is practically forgotten in Norway.  Maybe he left the ruins not to remind Finnmark Norwegians of all their homes being burnt down and of the forced relocation but to give foreigners like me a chance to reflect and understand the Norwegians affinity to their land. war-ruins-farm Whatever the reason, these ruins are part of the farm... home... and I don't think it would be the same without them. 

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