Velkommen to our first Learn Norwegian Podcast! These podcasts follow the Norwegian Lesson Series, and as such the Learn Norwegian Podcasts will match the Norwegian Lesson numbers.  Most times we will have two or three podcasts to each Norwegian Lesson. Tip: Podcasts are great to listen to, but because it is so important to 'see' Norwegian when learning, all podcast posts will include the texts we are using in the section below.  This means you will get so much more out of your 'listening and speaking' learning and will also greatly help your reading and writing.  Then once you understand how the sounds are made you can just practise the podcast exercises without the text.

Learn Norwegian Podcast 101a

abc-line podcast In this Podcast we introduce the first basic conversation: How are you? My name is... I come from... etc.  There are pronunciation exercises as well as question/answer exercises. This podcast is taken from Norwegian Lesson 101.  The main text used from this lesson is below.  The length of this podcast is 5:44mins.   abc-line-1 Norsk Dialog Nina: Hei! Hvordan går det? Hans: Fint, og du? Nina: Jeg har det bra. Jeg heter Nina. Hva heter du? Hans: Jeg heter Hans. Nina: Hvor kommer du fra? Hans: Jeg kommer fra Alta. Nina: Jeg er fra Oslo. Questions: 1. Hvordan går det med Nina? 2. Hvor kommer Hans fra? 3. Hvem kommer fra Oslo? 4. Hvem har det fint? abc-line 

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