olav-and-girl We often stop off at the King's Park on our walks to the city. Its a good place to rest before shopping or the hike back up the mountain. In the summer the garden beds gleam with colourful flowers and many bridal parties have their photos taken in the park. The first time we sat in the memorial circle Moose told me about the statue scene Our King which honours King Olav V who died in 1991. The girl running towards the king with flowers symbolises the bond between the king and the people. It is a common practise for royalty to recieve flowers from the 'commoners' and they welcome children bounding into their arms and giving them hugs. King Olav V was greatly appreciated by the Norwegian people. He was praised not just in power of his royal status but mostly in power of his person. He was known as 'the people's King'. The little girl illustrates the people's love for their king. The memorial statue created by Marit Wiklund was unveiled in 1994. kings-park-flowerbeds 

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