politician-on-google When searching through some Norwegian websites I 'stumbled' across this ad.  It struck me as a very odd thing for a Polly to do - actually, a bit tacky.  A take off from the Bob Dylan video Subterranean Homesick Blues doesn't seem as fitting when the party using it is mostly red!  There he was next to a personal loans advertisement selling his party on a clickable google ad just like any other business. Hmmm.  I've heard around the grapevine that Norwegians are sick of the antics of the Social-Liberal conglomerate.  Social and Liberal together? Yes, the party has had a lot of disagreements on issues (like environment and finances), a lot of controversies (like a minister pressuring a hospital to help his friend jump the queue), and have made a lot of mistakes (like hiring BFs in important government positions).  Yet, the Prime Minister still felt the need to travel to Spain to rally up supporters for his party.  (Spain is where a lot of Norwegians go to retire - currently there are about 20,000 living there.) Even though Norway has strong gender equality, good social services and even paternity leave for fathers, Norwegians have more admiration for their old politics (last century) than the new.  Haakon Lie (died 25th May 2009), a member of the Labour Party who was secretary from 1945-1969 received an honourable send off across the nation.  He was particularly known for his front against the Left Wing and Communists in his own party, especially after WWII.  Maybe it's just the same ol' thang - they hate you when you're alive but love you when you're dead.  (This theme seems very familiar in Norwegian history - think St Olav.) Well, for the current Prime Minister to find a place in the hearts of the people he will have to wait a long time - Norwegians have a tendencey to stick around - they are numbered as one of the top ten longest livers in the world.  (Lie was 103 when he died.)  Or the other option for our friendly neighbourhood Polly might be to become a Bob Dylan impersonator and start Blowin' in the Wind. 

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