Introduction Velkommen til Norwegian Lesson 115! This is the last lesson about 'time'.  I've added in a fun exercise of reading a Norwegian TV-guide.  It is good to get into the habit of using your Norwegian so I will be introducing more Norwegian sites for you to visit and poke around in in the lessons to come.  If you know of any Norwegian site that you'd like to share with us please feel free to post them in the comments section below. Hope you enjoy this short lesson.

Norwegian Lesson 115

abc-line Instruction: Les (Read) - Skriv (Write) - Si (Say) - Lytt (Listen) - Øv (Practise) - Spørsmål (Questions) - Fortelling (Story) - Finn (Find) - Øvelse (Exercise) - Lydøvelse (Sound Practise) - Grammatikk (Grammar) - Uttale (Pronunciation) - Grammatikk (Grammar) - Lag (Make) - Uttrykk (Expression) - Diktat (Dictation) - Svar (Answers) - Gjennomgang (Revision) - Oversett (Translate) - Fyll (Fill) abc-line-1 Gloser gloser15 abc-line-1 Lydøvelse Listen to the audio (21-50-dictat1) and take dictation of the numbers:

Compare with the answers at the end of the post.  (If you have any incorrect...) listen to the audio and read over the answers.  Then retake the dictation. Diktat - m Listen to the audio and take dictation.

Compare with the answers at the end of the post.  (If you have any incorrect...) listen to the audio and read over the answers.  Then retake the dictation. Uttale - o Follow the audio and repeat each sound: o


Listen for the long and short vowel sounds with each word.  This is a pronunciation rule that covers all of the Norwegian language. abc-line-1 115.1 Gjennomgang Si a. Spell out the numbers 1 to 12.  For example: 'åtte - å - t - t - e'. Skriv b. Write these numbers in word form: 39, 25, 43, 46, 28, 34, 49, 50 joes-day-with-clocks1 Fyll c. Using Joes Dag, draw in your answers in the clocks (below).  If you would like our ‘clocks sheet’ to help you, just right click on the image and save.  Then print. 1.  Når er lunsj? 2.  Når er Rambo på tv? 3.  Når står Joe opp? 4.  Når ringer en venn? 5. Når slutter jobben? 6.  Når går han på bussen? 7.  Når legger han seg? 8.  Når spiser Joe frokost? 9.  Når skriver han e-post? 10.  Når leser han? 11.  Når ser han været på tv? 12.  Når lager han kaker? clock-face-littles-blank-prac abc-line-1 115.2 Les a. Have a look at the TV guide below.  Are there any shows you recognise? tvguide-newspaper In Norway the government funded TV station is NRK.  They have two main broadcasts NRK1 and NRK2 and radio stations including NRK Radio.  TV2 (2) is the leading private broadcaster and TVNorge (N), which is entirely owned by ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG - a European media conglomerate is in fourth place.  Norway, of course, receives other broadcasts from cable and satellite TV. Skriv b. Answer the questions below in full Norwegian sentences. Hva er det på NRK1 klokka seks-tjuefem, om morgenen? Hva er det på TVNorge klokka ti over halv tre? Hvem er programleder på TV2s Tabloid? Hva er det på TV2 klokka halv åtte? Hva slags program er det? Hva er 'NRK nyheter' på NRK2? Hva er det på TV2 klokka fem over halv to? Hva kommer etter klokka to på TV2? Hvilket program liker du å se på klokka sju om kvelden? Hva er det på NRK1s barne-TV?  Når er 'Bear in the Big Blue House'? Hva slags program er på NRK2 klokka sju? Grammatikk - Hvilket, Hvilken og Hvilke Even though 'hvilket' is a spørreord it is affected by the gender of the noun in the sentence.  This word has neutral, masculine/feminine and plural variations.  This is the only question word that does this.  We will be moving onto gender next week. abc-line Svar 21-50-diktat1: 21-50-diktat1 Diktat - m-ord: m-ord abc-line-1 Gratulerer!  If you are reading this you have made it this far!! lol.  If you have done all the lessons you'd be now half way through Nivå 1 in the Norwegian standardised system of learning Norwegian.  As mentioned, next week we are going onto gender - you better sit tight because your whole Norwegian world is about to explode!  Things like gender and tense will change your whole perspective of the language.  It might be a little daunting at first but the more you practise the more it will become normal.  So, enjoy your weekend ;D 

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