newsletter-header Bunad - Traditional Norwegian Costumes - UPDATED This popular post has been updated with more information on design and the National Bunad Councils classifications of 'bunad'.  We have also added a sideshow of bunads from all over the country at the bottom of the post - check it out!  We plan to build this gallery as we take more pictures of bunads. Norwegian Cakes for Celebrating - UPDATED The bløtkake (layer cake) is a Norwegian icon.  We have added our Cream Cake recipe with picture from the 17th May celebrations to this post.  (It already had a 'free-style' layer cake guide and our Mazipan Cake recipe. My Little Norway's Photo Map - NEW! On the sidebar we have added a photo map (using Google Maps) of where all our popular pictures have been taken.  It's fun to see what different places look like in Norway.  If you've seen a great picture on our website and wondered where it was or wished you could visit that exact spot yourself then this new feature is especially for you. Just click on the Norwegian map itself and the link will take you to our Google Map page.  This feature will be an ongoing venture. New Website Design! In a week or so we will be putting up a new design for My Little Norway.  It will still have our familiar features but it will have better 'flow' to the design.  As we love taking pictures and (we think) you love looking at them, we wanted to make a design that will really showcase Norway in pictures but also give good access to the information on the website. Learn Norwegian Podcast! We have received a number of requests asking for downloadable vocal lessons.  We think this is a great idea too.  At the moment we are in the planning stages - we want the podcasts to compliment the Norwegian Lesson series so learners can get a well rounded introduction to Norwegian.  Just like the Norwegian Lessons, we will be focusing on the language that you would actually use in Norway as beginners.  Of course, Moose and I aren't professional radio hosts, but what you will certainly get from the podcasts are lessons focused towards beginners from a non-native speakers point-of-view.  And I'm sure Moose will be giving the native perspective too. Norwegian Lesson Access We have been posting the Norwegian Lessons amongst our regular posts - this will still continue until the end of the series.  However, for a quick 'go-to' we are putting links to all the lessons on our Learn Norwegian page.  This way you don't need to scour through the site but just pop in and out of lessons from this page. Get Post Updates! If you would like to be updated with our Norwegian Lessons or our posts you can subscribe to our feeds via RSS or email.  You can do this by using the clicking on our RSS button or writing in your email in the SUBSCRIBE section above the category list. Thank You! We would like to thank all our readers for the great support since we started last year in August.  We are thrilled to be able to share with you our Norwegian home and look forward to writing about our future adventures in Norway. 

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