trondheim-pub In London city there is a pub on every corner.  It's no doubt that Londoners love their watering holes. If a Londoner ever makes it to Trondheim they won't have to fear about 'drying out' on their travels as this old Viking city is full of expat pubs just waiting to be filled. trondheim-pub2 Being just a block from one another makes a good ol' English pub crawl into a stones throw.  You can tour the British isles in just one night! trondheim-pub4 The pubs were all liquored up, with Scottish Whiskies and Irish Guinness on tap, all raring to go but where was the crowd?  I had never seen an English pub empty before! trondheim-pub5 Just around the corner we found everyone.  The floor was packed for a Saturday lunch.  But there was none of 'em English here - just the locals spending a Saturday arvo with their mates.  And where do you think they all chose to go - England, Ireland or Scotland? trondheim-pub6 Norway, of course!  With a banner that reads 'Here it is!', an array of local beers and a restaurant house with a rich la carte menu, Carl Johan is certainly the place to be in Trondheim.  This 'Norwegian' pub may pull the Norwegian crowd but there is something funky about this favourite hub - almost Pommy.  Shhhhh! - don't tell the Norwegians but this pub was actually the first 'English style' pub in town ;D. Translation for all the non-Aussies out there: Watering Hole 1. a pub, a place to drink alcohol.  Derived from the Aboriginal word "Tanunda" which was a place for animals to drink. Drying Out 1. going sober, not having a drink for a week! Pub Crawl 1.  a night spent on the town progressing from pub to pub until you are legless. Legless 1.  so drunk you can't even stand 2.  the elven character in LOTR played by Orlando Bloom. Stones Throw 1.  something so close you can throw a rock at it. All raring to go 1.  revving a car with the brakes on. Arvo 1.  afternoon Mates 1.  good friends 2.  best buds 3. comrades Funky 1. a weird smell coming from somewhere in the back of the fridge. Pom 1. an affectionate nickname given to the English, made-up by Aussies. Pommy 1. sounds like 'pongy', so close enough! Pong 1. a bad smell. 2. a video game from the 70s 

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