in-cod-we-trust Norwegians have the best sense of humour.  I thought this was just a boat shed and the local fishermen were 'having a go'.  But as it turns out this little seaside shack is actually the home of a special exhibition detailing the history of fishing in Northern Norway.  The life, tradition and adventures of local fishermen are on display but this exhibition is also philosophical in it's approach: 'It is not only about history, but also about a very active industry that offers exciting meetings between what is genuinely North Norwegian and impulses from virtually the entire world'. The exhibition is only this Summer and so if you are here in Tromsø (or coming soon) head down to the water to see what all the cod is about.   The Perspektivet Museum Tromsø has all the details including which bus to take for the Exhibition: In Cod We Trust Tourist Tip: The area around the exhibition is worthwhile seeing.  You are right on the beach which has a sweet jetty - a prime spot to taking pics of the mountains to the east.  The grassland before the beach is a great place to have a 'disposable' BBQ with beach volley ball and a midnight-sunny outlook.  There is also a Folk Muesum across the road (The old wooden bildings with the grass growing on top.) 

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