plane-landing-tromsoe Plane landing in Tromsø at sunset Living in Europe, it doesn't take long to get anywhere.  Even being so far north, we get to enjoy weekend trips to Venice, Prague, Athens and Budapest.  Flights from Oslo to London are just two hours.  From Arctic Tromsø to London it is only a three flight.  We sure have it made in Norway - an Arctic paradise with short trips to the worlds most exciting cities. london-bridge-market London Bridge Market, London Every year we 'get out' to see a West End show, line up at Berthillon in Paris to get the best ice cream in the world or to soak up the rays on the beach in Alicante, Spain.  In a couple of weeks Moose is travelling to Ireland with some hard-core groupies to see U2 perform in their home city. berthillon Berthillon Ice Creamery, Paris It being so easy for us to get everywhere in Europe, it must mean that it is easy for Europe to come to us!  However, I find that many people are torn between coming to Norway in the Summer or the Winter.  The seasons are so dramatically different it is hard to decided which season to visit.  So... rather than having to miss out on one or the other, consider them both!  Take a long weekender - one during the midnight sun and one during the Northern Lights. This way you will get the best of both worlds. I personally think a great way to discover Norway is by having a long weekender in the Winter in a city above the Arctic Circle, like Tromsø or Alta, to do two days of snow activities - dog sledding, reindeer-sleighing, aurora chasing, Sami adventures, ice fishing, etc.  Because of your Winter Norwegian experience it would be much easier to plan your great Norwegian Summer adventure. I know many of you would be thinking about 'mulla'.  However, there are a couple things you can do to make it cheaper for yourself: Firstly, take an international flight to the city that you want to go to. Don't buy a ticket to Oslo then take domestic flights to your destination. Domestic flights are known to be very expensive in Norway. Sometimes it is cheaper for our family to fly to London than it is to the next Norwegian city! (Some direct international flights include layovers at major hubs which depend on your departing city - Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are some regulars for Norway - but at least you aren't paying for two separate plane flights.) Secondly, you don't have to use Norwegian airliners to get here. European airlines have direct flights too and they often have specials and packages. Cheap companies such as Ryan Air also have regular flights to Norway - and more airlines are making Norwegian cities a destination every year. The cheapest airline in Norway is Widerøe. troms-buss Bus Services in Northern Norway Thirdly, if your destination city in Norway doesn't have an international flight directly to it, take an international flight to the nearest city and then catch a bus. For example: A one way plane ticket from Tromsø to Alta can cost up to NOK1200 for economy in peak months but the bus is only NOK537 one way. (You would also get to see the country side, drive along the Alps, travel on two car ferries and see what the middle of nowhere is like!)  Down south they have much cheaper deals on trains.  Last year they were advertising a regular price of NOK 200 one way no matter how far you wanted to travel. Fourth, having a long weekender in just one city will make your trip a lot cheaper (cutting out further travel). It is better to stay in one city during a Winter visit anyway - in the north each city has all the Winter attractions you could hope for. Localising your tours and stay will give you time to fit more activities in and to find cheaper eating options. ferry-winter Troms Ferry (Hwy 91 Ferry) between the Lyngen Alps And lastly, make sure you are signed up to receive frequent flyer credits. A long weekender flight will give good credit for your next trip to Norway (or another destination). So wherever you are in Europe, think about coming to Norway for a quick getaway. Here are the European cities that have direct international flights to Norwegian cities (correct at time of posting): International direct flights to OSLO: Alicante Amsterdam Barcelona Berlin Budapest Copenhagen Düsseldorf Frankfurt Gdansk Gothenburg Hamburg Helsinki Las Palmas London Malaga Milan Munich Nice Palma de Mallorca Paris Prague Reykjavik Riga Rome St. Petersburg Stockholm Tallinn Vienna Zürich International direct flights to BERGEN: Aberdeen Alicante Amsterdam Berlin Billund Copenhagen Dubrovnik Frankfurt Hamburg Helsinki Kirkwall Krakow London Malaga Murcia Nice Paris Prague Reykjavik Riga Stockholm Warsaw International direct flights to TRONDHEIM: Alicante Amsterdam Copenhagen Dubrovnik London Malaga Murcia Nice Prague Riga Stockholm International direct flights to STAVANGER: Aberdeen Alicante Amsterdam Berlin Billund Copenhagen Dubrovnik Frankfurt Gothenburg Krakow London Malaga Murcia Newcastle Nice Paris Prague Stockholm Warsaw International direct flights to KRISTIANSAND: Alicante Amsterdam Copenhagen International direct flights to TROMSØ: London Riga Tokyo International direct flights to SANDEFJORD (OSLO): This is a "budget" airport that Ryan Air and other 'low cost' airlines use. Alghero Alicante Amsterdam Birmingham Bologna Bremen Copenhagen Dublin Gdansk Girona Glasgow Hahn Katowice Liverpool London Marseille Milan Pisa Poznan Trapani Warsaw 

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