When Lilu was born she had the mark of a Norwegian - A Rosebud in Her Hair.  (Of course I had to write about one of the mysteries of being Norwegian.)  We have watched the rosebud grow as Lilu has grown and since that first post I have received comments about how somebody's Norwegian also has a little swirl of their own.  mom-2-two-vikings said 'Must be a Scandinavian thing (LOL) because my Flicka has one as well!' Debbie from Heart Choices wrote 'We used to call my dad Rosebud but now he has no hair on the top of his head!' It just so happened last week during a mummy-daughter playtime on the couch on a rainy afternoon that another discovery was made.  We have two rosebuds!  At the bottom of Lilu's hairline, just underneath lies another gentle swirl of golden brown hair. So how Norwegian can you get? two-roses rosebud-smile 

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