spring-beach The beaches look so good in Spring but they are still way too cold to go for a dip.  As you can see we still have snow on the mountains in the background.  Unfortunately, the water looks so inviting that it is hard to stop little ones from wanting to paddle their feet in the water.  You know how it goes - first is the feet, then the knees and before you know it you have a drenched toddler! In Australia we have a sure-fire way of keeping the little tykes away from the sea.  Usually in the first few steps into the water they get bowled over by a little wave - just enough to teach them not to be too quick to jump in the water. However, in Norway most beaches don't have waves as they are 'in-land' due to the protection of many islands.  This causes a problem when teaching toddlers not to go into the water.  No waves means no danger to a toddler.  Little does the toddler know that the alluring water is all pretence.  As soon as your toes touch the big blue they shiver but you don't really notice it until you are up to your ankles.  The water may be ice cold but only for about ten seconds until you go numb.  Then it's easy just to wade slowly in until you disappear! 'Hulder' may be the Sirens of the land but beaches are definatley the Sirens of the water. 

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