Being so close to nature, Norwegians have a very casual relationship with the weather. Here in the north we jokingly say that «we don’t call in the kids until she [the wind] starts stripping the turf off the rooftops». To a Norwegian there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. We know that even though sunshine makes us warm and happy, we need to get pummeled with storms and rain every now and then to clean and regenerate nature.

Having bad weather on certain dates of the year is considered a good omen. This weekend is Pentecost Sunday, and today we got hit full force with the «Pentecostal Pains». Blasts of wind, cold rain and even snow has taken over from the lovely hot weather we enjoyed a week ago. Farmor says this is the way it’s supposed to be – the Pentecostal Pains give us a warm summer. Stranglely, this weather prediction always seems to come true even though Sunday of Pentecost is never on a constant date.

Anyway, rain or no rain – we have another long weekend! Even though Norwegians don’t always pride themselves on being religious, they sure love celebrating the religious holidays… 

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