I have to learn Norwegian - it's part of my social requirement to obtain a Settlement Permit in Norway but in the future, I also want to be able to know what Lilu is up to with her playmates!  I've discovered I can actually live in Norway quite fine without knowing Norwegian.  Most of my Norwegian friends and associates speak to me in English, and being in the Arts it is usually necessary to use English regularly.  However, I'm finding that not knowing (enough) Norwegian makes is hard to be an active member of society.  I have done quite well in getting involved with festivals, the dance industry and even a university club, but I want to be able to contribute a lot more to my new Arctic home. I have actually taken about three months of full-time Norwegian language classes at Voksenopplæringen, our local adult training centre, but have had to stop because of Summers and pregnancies.  (My brain just doesn't work properly when I'm having a baby.  All my energy and power seems to become focused on my centre and I don't want to waste my language lessons by sitting in classes brain-numbed...lol.)  However, in the Autumn Semester (when I will be me minus one baby) I have already signed up for my last 'beginners' course Nivå A (level A3).  This summer I plan to re-learn everything in levels A1 and A2, (and since I learn better when I teach) I thought it a good idea to be accountable for my learning by inviting you to join me in learning the basics of Norwegian language. This will be a big task because I plan to post lessons every day so I can get up to scratch for my level 3, but I think it will be a very valuable commitment and experience for me (and a great opportunity for you to to get some fast track Norwegian language lessons in.  Encouragement from you will help me a big deal and maybe we can all chat to each other using the comments field so all our learning and ideas can be read by everyone - it takes a village to learn Norwegian! I actually can't take credit for this idea.  Debbie from Heart Choices was the one who suggested I post Norwegian language lessons - just 'a few words or phrases' she asked for but I hope that this is also a gift worth receiving. (Her commitment to her heritage is very inspiring) and on her enthusiasm I was convinced that this was a great venture for myself and our readers. I plan to follow my Voksenopplæringen course material so you are guaranteed it will follow a good structural learning pattern, but I will also be making up exercises for you to use a practise tools.  I have a goal to post every weekday (as I am on a time limit to get through all the material by mid-August) but I can't guarantee.  I will begin posting Monday next week.  I will also have all my homework checked by Moose before I post.  (He is very good at proofing and will be able to add in quirky info and stories on the language).  But by no means will this be a professional/certified tutorial in Norwegian language - just a casual and friendly guide of the basics of Norwegian. So, I hope you will find this posting-adventure educational, rewarding and entertaining.  I encourage you to share with us your experiences and also your tips and ideas on how you have learnt languages so we can improve on our posts.  I look forward to practising with you! 

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