komsa-walking-up Alta's highpoint is Komsa Mountain.  It may not compete in height or size with Bergen's Seven Mountains or Tromsø's Mount Storsteinen - well, in fact, in the post There is a Hill in Alta I thought Komsa was... you guessed it - a hill!  but apparently standing 203 metres above sea level still classifies it as a mounatin - even though you can climb it in ten minutes (30mins with knee deep snow). komsa-kids In 1925, geologist and archaeologist Anders Nummedal discovered remnants of Stone Age settlements on the mountain. The findings became known as "Komsa culture".  In 2000, a field of rock paintings were uncovered 36-38 feet above sea level and consists of 7 figures.  The colouring is faint and it is said to be difficult to see what the paintings represent (- especially in two feet of snow).  I had no idea that this rock art existed (another example of how Norwegians don't tell you unless you ask...lol) - but now I'm on a mission to climb Komsa Mountain in the Summer and capture the rock art for you! altasnowhill1 In good weather, the view is spectacular of Alta Fjord and the city.  The sunsets are wonderful to watch - you really feel on top of the world. On top of the hill (sorry, mountain), is a radio tower with a sign post out front.  On the sign post there is a letter box.  Inside is a guest book!  People from all over the world have left their mark on the mountain top - and now there are some Australians added to the honour.  (There are not many people from other countries in the book - maybe this could be your 'great race' to be the first in your country to leave your mark on Komsa Mountain? Are you up for the challenge?) komsa-boo-writing komsa-link-writing Since the kids had travelled such a long way (from Oz) and not to leave such good snow to waste, they thought to build their first Norwegian snowman on top of Komsa.  With rocks for eyes and a huh...chocolate wrapper for a mouth ('naughty' to the person who left it there for us) our snowman was ready to greet everyone with a cheesy smile. komsa-snowman As you can see in the sky, a big snowfall was about to dump on us.  Making every moment count, the kids decided it was quicker to slide down the mountain.  Well, actually, the biggest kid of all (Moose) said with a sparkle in his eye 'why walk when you can slide!'  Then with a chuckle he surfed down the mountain in his boots.  However, as you can see, the Aussies didn't quite have their snow-legs yet and slid on their butts more than their boots.  Well, as the saying doesn't go - Great fun without the sun! komsa-sliding-down 

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