farm-rope Farfar is now blind and nearly deaf.  He usually needs two walking sticks to poke his way around the house.  It is getting harder for him to occupy himself during the day.  We often catch him falling asleep at the breakfast table, in his rocking chair or in the lounge (usually sleeping with his stereo headphones on!) Last time we went to Alta there was this curious blue rope tied around the trees.  Was is a run for a new dog?  Was it to stop people walking on the snow and therefore squishing the Spring vegetation underneath? Was is a marker for the tractor to clear away the snow?  Nope.  It was the love of Farmor. All these years Farfar enjoyed his farm.  He build it from scratch - even the main house.  Now the body is weak but the will is still strong, and so as practical as a farmer's wife is, Farmor gave Farfar the opportunity to be independent, get some good exercise and fresh air (and probably to get him out of the house for a little while ;D).  So just from half an hours worth of work - tying knots, looping rope, hugging trees - Farfar can now be led along his farm, to the letter box and back home to the breakfast table.  What more can a man want? Is this love, or is this love? 

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