I have an addiction.  Anything green I have to point my camera at and shoot it.  Green absolutely fascinates me.  It's not that I haven't seen it before but there is just something about it that makes me feel... alive. With each photo I always remember the atmosphere, the air, the smell, the sun.  Each photo is a moment in time when I felt 'awe'.  I just couldn't let those moments go by, so I captured them to share with you. green-waterbed This is during the midnight sun.  Alta fjord was in low tide and we could walk out to the little green hill in the middle of the fjord.  The breeze was cold and the water left in the fjord soil glistened in the sun.  Moose and I stood there alone in the middle and watched the sun move across the sky. green-leaves On the peninsula east of Trondheim is a beautiful little church.  It is surrounded by big leafy trees that sway in the wind.  The sound is gentle as they move and the sun flickers over ground underneath. green-well This peaceful old well is on Kvaløya - part of a folk museum.  The grass was high as the summer was drawing to a close but the flowers still speckled the blanket of green.  All we could hear was ourselves treading through the high grass which would catch on us and dance as it flung back from out clothes. grass-by-sea The grass by Sommerøy, Tromsø's 'Best West' has a blue richness to it - almost mimicking the mood of the water.  The buds sway in the wind bending over to almost touch the ground. green-strawberry-patch Complete yumminess ready to bloom.  Our neighbours next to the farm in Alta sure know how to care for their strawberries.  Every evening in Summer when the sun is low we walk past to see how the little patch is doing.  When the fruit is red we can smell the sweetness in the air and almost taste it on our tongues. green-rocks Senja, Merfjordvær, has patches og grass by the shore.  The electric green really bringhtens up this old little fishing villiage.  It's fun to jump from rock to rock to investigate the big poles left standing in the water. green-church-stone-path Lazy afternoons are spent laying on the grass and eating ice cream at the Catholic Cathedral in tomsø city.  The grass is thick like a big cushion that springs back when you stand up again.  See sit with the other sunbathers watching the city go by as the city watches us. green-rugged Ringvassøy is rugged and untouched.  The wildness lunges at you from the grass and the trees.  Not many people have ventured in this nature and so it has a real natural quality about it.  The grass faces straight out to sea and the little rock islands dot the view in the Midnight Sun. green-field The smell of home.  A crisp green field is always an adventure.  Running your hand along the top of the grass as you walk through tickles and itches.  The grass is thick and the soil moist but the sun makes the top golden and warm.  The smell is fresh and there is no sound except for the cows looking at you from the next paddock. I am definitely looking forward to Summer! 

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