kids_beach8 It's always fun to take kids to the beach.  They have a special energy that makes everything exciting again.  Even though Moose and I have been to this jetty a thousand times, it was great to visit again with a 'kids-eye-view'. kids_beach5 What normally is just a rock to you and I, turns into a jungle gym for any kid.  No winter frost or chilly breeze would stop this pair making the most of this sleeping giant. kids_beach4 Usually this scene would be a picture of 'tranquillity', but the landscape becomes more adventurous when you have two kids exploring every rock and sea creature found on the shore. kids_beach3 Even with the winter snow, the beach is inviting.  Water has a habit of luring kids in and on this day the afternoon sun made the water a fantastic pink - perfect for little fingers to touch. kids_beach2 Without hesitation, off comes the gloves and in goes the fingers to test just how cold the northern waters really are.  'It's freezing!', the kids gasp.  And then they touch it again. kids_beach1 In Northern Norway the beaches are rarely for swimming in.  Even in mid-summer the beach water is a tad cold and only the brave seem to venture above their waist.  Instead of swims, beaches are admired for their beauty and life.  There is always lots to explore in the summer and winter.  The best thing is that it is very easy to get the kids away from the PSPs and iPods when you have a Norwegian beach close by. 

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