samuel-casal The No Siesta, Fiesta! festival have two pre-opening exhibitions: "Connection" and "Samuel Casal". "Connection" - Michel de Carvalho Diniz, Kurant, 28.februar - 11.mars michel_protestoThe versatile Brazilian, Michel Diniz de Carvalho, is a resident in Harstad, Norway. He works as an artist, graphic designer and photographer. At the festival he has a new exhibition in the newly opened gallery "Kurant" where we get to experience his new collages and poster art. Michel is also a musician, and figure among the other bands including Synchronize Ulydig (playing at the festival), and Judith.

Website: connectionexhibition-2 "Samuel Casal", Random Gallery, 2 - 6.mars Samuel Casal is a highly renowned Brazilian pop-artist, who in recent years, has won several awards. The exhibition is a lively display of Brazilian urban art, and includes illustrations and design, as well as an animation in the form of the short film Tyger by Guilherme Marc Ondes. tyger2 The artist's work is full of energy and powerful images. With creatures from the underworld and aggressive animals, Samuel brings dark themes into daily life. He is the illustrator by profession and has experience in engraving, design and animation. Samuel is enjoys exploring the 'unconventional' in his art work and use black and white and bright colours to create an impression. Samuel is always looking to exploit new media outside his own fields, and create illustrations that requires a deeper and stronger tone. tygerwindow A special attraction of the exhibition is the screening of the Short Film Tyger on the gallery's front window.  The city workers get to view a magical story with animation and puppetry and themes of 'de-evolution' on their way home.


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