tromsocathedral In Tromsø the sun officially returns from the long winter on the 19th of January.  However, we still can't see it.  This is because the 19th is the first day the sun peeks back over the horizon.  However, because Tromsø is surrounded by mountains, the traditional 'day of the sun' is when you can see the sun from the steps of the Tromsø Cathedral, usually about two to three days later. If you stand on the Cathedral steps today you will only see buildings, yet the day is still recognised and is celebrated with the Solboller (sun bun/bread). It is only from the Arctic Circle and up that the sun disappears for the winter.  On the line of the Arctic Circle the sun is not seen for one day, whereas at the North Pole the sun isn't seen for six months!  As Spring comes, the sun will continue to rise over Norway and it won't be until 15th February when Norway's northernmost territory, Svalbard, will see the sun. Unfortunately it was cloudy today - doh! But I have left you with some pics of the Tromsø Cathedral in Summer.  (Not to be confused with the Arctic Cathedral.) 

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