Like every Christmas, we over-eat, over-spend and make a New Years resolution that next Christmas things will be different.  Last year, (Christmas 2008), I definitely had my fair share of pepperkaker, trimmings and marsipan pigs.  A week after Christmas I had to walk around with the top button on my pants undone! Then came the heaviness, the sleepiness and the uncomfortableness - the second button had to come undone.  I was definitely sick.  You might have noticed that I haven't posted in a while, since Christmas, actually.  Food just wasn't my thing anymore.  Even the smell of it made me run to the loo.  Finally, Moose dragged me to the doctors and even though I hadn't eaten for a week, we discovered I had a bun in the oven.  Phew!  I'm glad it wasn't the Christmas rib. You know the first thing I thought was... well, the second thing actually: What an excellent opportunity to document a patients point of view about the Norwegian Medical System.  I have been through the process once before in Norway, with Lilu, who is now one, and it is a very peculiar thing to go through, to be so vulnerable in a strange place where you don't speak the language and are considered a foreigner.  This time I'm sure I will have more of an objective point of view as I have a goal to document my journey.  I will also be presenting information on the Norwegian Medical System, especially concentrating on the Prenatal care, Birthing and Midwifery services as well as baby's first year, that I trust you will find helpful.  However, I will also draw from my personal experiences from my previous pregnancy, especially about the bond that I shared with an American and a Russian as we travelled through the heartache, fear and joy of difficult pregnancies in a foreign country. As the introduction of this two year series, let me welcome you on this exciting journey and I look forward to discussing the process with you and reading your comments.  I hope that the information that I will be providing and documenting will be a valuable resource to all those interested in Norway and the Norwegian medical system but especially to those who are new to Norway or who are planning to make Norway their home. 

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