Put eight teenagers on a ski trip to a remote mountain cabin in Northern Norway. Then, let them be haunted and attacked by a horde of undead Nazi soldiers, who were massacred by angry locals in the final days of World War II. There it is - the plot for the horror-comedy "Død Snø" (Dead Snow) from Norwegian director Tommy Wirkola. Wirkola, from Alta, had his breakthrough with "Kill Buljo: The Movie" (2007), a low-budget parody of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. Despite getting butchered by nearly every film critic out there, Kill Buljo became a huge success - Quentin Tarantino himself is said to have made the comment "I love it! I love it!". With "Død Snø", Wirkola flaunts one of the biggest special effects budgets in Norwegian film history, acclaimed actors, live-action snowmobile stunts, 'zombies on ice' and the world's coolest tagline: EIN, ZWEI, DIE! But on top of it all, the film was selected yesterday for the Sundance Festival, one of the world's most prestigious Independent Film Festivals. Adam Montgomery of the Sundance Institute has commented: "Dead Snow is the best and most original zombie film I have seen in over ten years. You just can't go wrong with Nazi zombies!"
Død Snø was originally meant to be titled Rød Snø (Red Snow), but due to conflict with a TV thriller mini-series from the 80's with the same name, the movie title was changed to Død Snø shortly before advertising started.
I went to High School with this guy. No joke. (The actor, not the zombie...!) Død Snø will be in cinemas nationwide on 9th of January 2009. The DVD will most likely be released internationally some time later. You can watch the trailer at Filmweb.no. If you dare.

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