OK, picture this: You are walking around in the city, minding your own business and focusing on the ground to avoid slipping on the ice. It's late November and shops are beginning to put up decorations. You hear the low hum of rotor blades in the distance. As you walk, the hum gets louder and louder and you realise that the helicopter is coming in straight above you. You look up and see... ... a tree! That's right - no strapping on the back of a truck or shipping by boat. In Tromsø, the three-story tall Christmas tree gets a VIP ride to town square. And I just happened to be there with my trusted phone camera:
The tree is officially lit on the first Sunday of Advent (fourth Sunday before Christmas), and the event always gathers a big crowd. The town square, usually occupied by fruit stands and statues, gets flooded with people of all ages. The Salvation Army and other bands play familiar Christmas tunes as the crowd forms circles and dance around the tree. If there are too many for a circle, they form another one outside it and dance in the opposite direction. I counted eleven circles. The city tree certainly gets a warm welcome.

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