Please visit our updated post Norwegian Christmas Heart Baskets with three different easy-to-make baskets complete with instructions and pictures.

Before Christmas our friends get together and have a decoration party. We pool together all our crafty-stuff, paper, toilet rolls, egg cartons, pictures, pine cones, and lots of glue and glitter. We play Christmas music as we make cards and tree decorations. This year we also made a Thankful Tree - a bare branch filled with colourful paper leaves with the things we are thankful for written on them. There is always one decoration that is made every year - Julekurve (Christmas basket). It is a heart shaped basket made of paper and hangs on the Christmas tree. It can also hang on doors or on the end of curtain rails, and if you are lucky, you will find them filled with all sorts of goodies.

How to Make Julekurver

A decoration party is always fun for the kids, but it is great for adults too. You get to sit around a table and catch up on life while letting your creativity run wild. This year the Pappas didn't want to miss out and so they joined in too! (However, I think they have wised up to the best thing about a decoration party: the food!) We had Danish pastries, kakemenn (gingerbread-men without the gingerbread), Saint Lucia boller, julekake (Christmas cake) and home made gløgg!

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