Sometimes it pays to have the right name. When the exclusive French fashion label Hermes opened their first store in Oslo last week, they made sure to arrange a spectacular opening party. Exclusive invites were sent out to numerous Norwegian celebrities and VIP’s, including investor and multi-billionaire Svein Støle.

However, there was a mix-up with addresses and the invite ended up in the mailbox of 20-year old tow-truck driver Svein Støle instead. He was of course surprised, although he knew very well whom the invite was intended for. He accepted nonetheless, because in all fairness the invite landed in his mailbox…

So off to Oslo he went in his rusty old car. Rocking up at the VIP party, Svein presented his invitation and was let in with no questions asked. After drinking champagne and mingling with celebs in the exclusive shop for well over an hour, the party continued at the French embassy in Oslo. In an interview with his hometown newspaper Grimstad Adressetidende, Svein related the story:

“I was invited over to meet the French ambassador. I presented myself as Svein Støle, and the ambassador didn’t seem to react. As far as I know, nobody knew it was the wrong Svein Støle who showed up at their VIP party!”

Svein took the opportunity to visit family and friends while in Oslo, and viewed the party as “just a fun detour”. But there was one thing he wasn’t too impressed with:

“The food was awful! It had some cheesy stuff on it, and I didn’t care for it too much.”

But he does point out that billionaire Svein Støle missed out on a great party… 

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