Sledding is a favourite past time for kids, big and small. All you need is a bit of plastic so you can slip and slide down any snowy hill. Nowadays you can get groovy 'air dynamic' sleds complete with steering and breaks - some even have bike seats and are propped up on plastic skis. But back in the old days, when Moose was just a tyke, they used any old plastic bag. They would cut a hole in each corner and wear the plastic bag over their pants to get the best slide down the hill. It is a very ingenious idea, but when I imagine the sight of Moose wearing a big plastic nappy - hilarious!

I'd say that sledding is a passage into childhood in Norway. Just after a big dump of snow, nearly every street has the local kids building slopes and jumps to sled down. As we just had a great snowfall over the weekend, we thought to take Lilu out to get some fresh Norwegian air and fun activity. At first we weren't too sure how Lilu would take her first sledding experience.

The verdict...


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