When you learn to drive you are taught to expect the unexpected. This is certainly an unexpected expected for me - a little grandma skiing across the crossing. Lucky I wasn't driving... (so I could take some pics).


Fareskilt_39.PNGThis is a crossing for walkers and bikers in the Summer, and turns into a skiers crossing in the Winter. It even has a special sign to signify a skiers crossing. It means that the skiers don't have to take off their skis. They just wait for the clear and ski across the road to the other side of the snow track. It makes it so much easier to get around by your own power in the snow - very convenient.

By the way, you can't see the bonnet of our car because it is covered in snow. The picture is a little hazy as we kept fogging up the windows with our breathing. I'm impressed that our camera could snap the granny speeding past!

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