Drats! I've been foiled again. The ice certainly knows how to beat me at my own game.

In photography timing is everything. To get the perfect shot sometimes you have to stake out a location, wait for the right light and then make your move in order to catch the best image. I have had my location picked out for a while now and the day proved promising - a crisp clear sky with some cloud streaks. My time for the perfect light was 1:30pm - sunset! I was thoroughly prepared, baby and all, to capture a beautiful moment in time.

At 1:31pm I was still revving the car in the carpark to heat up the air-con, trying to melt the ice off the windscreen - argh! I haven't quite learnt yet that wherever you go in winter, it will take at least ten minutes longer to get there. Shovelling snow to find your car and playing tug-o-war with the frozen doors is just a part of life in Norway.

Today, no matter how much scraping I did on the windows, nothing was going to get this ice off except hot air. (Again, I forgot last night to cool down the cabin of the car before parking it, to prevent the ice from fusing with the windows). But while sitting in my icy cocoon, I thought I'd make the most of the blurry view. I call the masterpiece above: Seeing Norway by Snow Cave.


However, Lilu and I did manage to make it to our photo shoot - ten minutes late. The subject was patiently waiting for us in the sun set and made no complaint. Instead, like a true professional, sat still for her portrait in the fading light - a real joy. She was a pleasure to photograph. I'm sure we will be working with her again.


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