In learning Norwegian you are bound to make some very funny mistakes. Like the time I said that I teach 'all you can eat Cha Cha' or when I whispered to Moose 'I love me.' One time I asked my brother-in-law at dinner what he did for a living. He replied 'I'm eating potato'. Everyone laughed. Instead, I actually asked 'what are you doing right now?' Moose has become my magic eight ball as my Norwegian often requires a lot of guessing: 'Will I go to the shops?', 'Did I wake up tonight?' and 'Am I hungry?' Sometimes I speak Yoda: 'Small he was.', Hungry you are? Eat you must.', 'Go I shall.' Last week I sent an ad into the newspaper that read: 'All are welcome - and all the others are 30 kroner'. When I first came to Norway I was attempting to do the banking all by myself in Norwegian. Moose was teaching me to say 'Hendene i været! Dette er et ran. Gi meg alle pengene.' I learnt the line down-pat, but on the side of Moose's mouth I saw some mischief so I got suspicious. His plot was revealed - can you imagine me going up to a bank teller and saying in Norwegian 'Put your hands up. This is a stick up. Give me all your money!' But we always have a good laugh at my expense. The bloopers and misunderstandings are all a part of learning the language. And besides, I don't mind still being considered 'cute' at my age. 😉 

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