I love my 'me time' walking around the farm taking pictures. I'm still very new to the country-girl tag and so everything to me is still very exotic. I am a little girl discovering a new world. But I do sometimes miss Moose telling me what things are...lol - so, I have a habit of sharing my 'me time' with my personal norwegi-pedia.

However, what seems exciting to me is very ordinary to Moose. He is a very patient man - always waiting for me to finish looking at things before continuing our walks. It's the same kind of deal as taking a man shopping, but instead of him waiting for me to try on all the clothes in the store, he is waiting for me to finish smelling every flower, looking up at every tree and under every rock.

Normally, I would feel guilty, stopping all the time when we are supposed to be on a walk, but North Norwegians don't seem to look at their watches. Everyone just goes with the flow, so, it is easy for Moose to wait for me (and I think he is often amused by how many 'oohs' and 'aahs' I make).

Sometimes I have need to wait for Moose too. I'll turn around and he'll be off in the bush somewhere munching on berries. (I find that Norwegians get very excited over a little berry bush - it's very cute.)

It is wonderful to feel free to discover as much as I want but especially to share the joy of Norway with my best friend.


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