Last night, as we were walking in town, I looked up, and little white specks were floating down in the black sky. Gasp! It's snowing! We were happy to get white fluffy water in our hair and all over our clothes as we walked. But it didn't last long - 5 minutes or so. You could feel the buzz in the air - the first snow is coming!

This morning I woke up to see the snow outside, but there was nothing - just frost. I found some of last nights snow-tease on the smallest of plants, just to make sure I didn't dream it.

I wonder if this counts as the first snow?

Update: Oh no! The south got snow before us! In fact, they were so caught unawares that Oslo practically shut down. A major highway had to close, morning flights were delayed and there was a 10 car pile-up near an inbound tunnel. One guy on the radio counted 147 cars off the road on his 20 minute freeway drive out of the city. Complete chaos caused by... no winter tyres!

In Tromsø we are supposed to change our tyres by October 15th - in Oslo it is November 1st. But that doesn't mean you can't change them beforehand, especially if it looks like an early winter. However, the first snow always seems to come early in Oslo. And so this chaos has become a tradition - the Osloværing (Oslo folk) every year are caught by surprise and the Nordlending (Northerners) giggle and shake their heads.


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