Halloween is this week so we have beautiful orange pumpkins in the stores at the moment. Living in Norway has really made me value food. In Oz we have everything all the time - pumpkins all year round - so nothing is special any more. But in Norway most things are very seasonal - it makes it exciting when a new season comes and all the new foods come out. I now see how seasonal food actually creates celebration. It's a special occasion to eat seasonal lamb, strawberries and blueberries, and even new potatoes. I look forward to each season with mouthwatering anticipation - the joy of each season is sharing nature's best with friends and family.

We will be celebrating the 'orange-season' with very un-norwegian roast pumpkin, creamy pumpkin soup and pumpkin scones. Our American friends will probably make their famous pumpkin-pie and their scrummy pumpkin-bread... everything turns orange at the end of October - however, only for the Outlanders, it seems.

I don't think pumpkin is really eaten in Norway, by humans at least. It is often given as a treat to farm animals. When I first came to Norway I cooked my in-laws a fine Aussie roast with crispy potatoes and caramelised pumpkin and sweet potato. Farfar said it was the strangest meal he ever had!

No, so far pumpkins here in Norway are only for decorating at Halloween. Norwegians love using candles to brighten up the place and pumpkins give a beautiful warm glow. It's only recently that Norwegians have celebrated Halloween and carving pumpkins. I'm sure it won't be long before they realise pumpkins are actually good for eating too.



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