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After what seems to be a long battle, Norway has withdrawn its bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics. The reason is simple: the southern part of the country was miffed that the Northerners, namely Tromsø, had won the vote to bid. There was so much anger, especially from Oslo - who cried 'foul play' even in their own voting system. So, instead of supporting their elected Tromsø to represent Norway, nearly every deed was done to sabotage Tromsø's 2018 Winter Olympic bid. Norway would rather withdraw their bid than allow a northern city, such as Tromsø, to host the Winter Olympics.

This side of the Norwegian character seems very dark to me. Even though there are very happy things in Norway there can also be an undercurrent of enmity. I especially see this as an immigrant. They say that Norway doesn't like change, that it doesn't like 'the new' and that it wants things to stay 'just as they are'. Who are they? - They are Norwegians. In certain circles, they say it is because the country has been beaten down by rulership of the Danes and Swedes, and so Norwegians have a habit of sabotaging their success - so they say.

I would have hoped that Norway took on the Aussie-spirit in this 'Olympic' occasion. This is the reason why Sydney had the 2000 Olympic games: For years the individual States would apply for the Olympics without success. They realised it wasn't working. So they decided to work together and promote Sydney for the bid. In the next Olympic bid Australia won! It was a great lesson to learn and one that Australians have taken to heart.

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