Farmor's kitchen is a great place to be. There is always something cooking in the oven and always some yummy treat on the table. The kitchen is the family's gathering place, where the kids colour-in and help Farmor make boller buns and the bigger kids sit by the wood-fire oven and have great conversation. We spent last weekend on the farm and Farmor's kitchen didn't disappoint - we were greeted with the season's best. On the windowsill were pink Autumn blossoms soaking up what is left of the sun. Water was boiling on the wood-fire oven waiting to be made into hot chocolate. Fresh farm eggs laid on the table, ready for open sandwiches. But, best of all was the smell of freshly squeezed blackcurrants from Farmor's garden. A big jug of home-made blackcurrant juice sat on the table - talk about the icing on the cake! Happiness is Farmor's kitchen - good food, great company and wonderful memories. 

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