Berries are plentiful in Norway so jam has become a Norwegian way of life. On every breakfast table you have a pot of jam with a spoon. That's right, a spoon. Instead of spreading jam with a knife, Norwegians get the biggest spoon in the house, scoop out a mountain-full of fruit, and dollop it onto anything they can find to eat on the table - waffles, cake, ham, boller buns, cereal and milk, bread, pancakes, cracker-bread, puddings, pastries, fruit, porridge... (Yes, Norwegians do have great breakfasts.)

Just about every native fruit is turned into jam - even apples, cow-berries and cloud-berries. Yesterday, we were walking around the lake and the only red left in the landscape were the Rowan berries. I was curious as to why Moose hadn't jumped at the chance to pick and eat them. 'They're poisonous', he said. 'Remember the sour-jam we ate at my brother's place with the moose roast?... It was made from these berries.' I stopped in my tracks, 'Your brother fed us something poisonous?' Moose laughed 'they are only poisonous if you eat a lot of them'. I'm still failing to see the logic but I guess 'when in Norway...'


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