lilutromsosunsetseptember.jpg Tonight Lilu and I went for a drive to watch the sunset around Tromsø. First we watched the sun go down over the Kvaløya mountains. Then a quick drive under Tromsø island to watch the twilight over the city docks. And lastly, we stopped by the bridge to watch the pink fade away from the first snow of Autumn on the mainland.

The sun is alive in Tromsø and travels with the seasons around our little island. In Summer the sun never sleeps but circles us in the sky. This is the Midnight Sun and every year it lures us to worship the Northern skies. In the Spring and Autumn the sun rises in the East and sets in the West with an even day and night. But in Winter the sun is on holiday visiting Antarctica. However, everyday for an hour or so the blue light peaks over the Southern mountains to remind us how beautiful the Arctic always is.




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