I prefer giving Lilu home-made baby food but sometimes when we are out and about it's easier to have a few jars of store-bought baby food on hand. The selection of baby food is quite small here in Norway but it's always interesting.

The Norwegian brand Tine makes some good old fashioned food in a jar - 'Healthy Norwegian food for little tummies'. The name Småfolk means 'small people' and is a little pun meaning 'it is for the common people' - so no title or nobility is required to eat this food. (I'm beginning to see that even though Norwegians joke about the folk in the country they also pride themselves on being country folk.)

The first jar that caught my eye was Fricassee with Game Meat - reindeer meat in sauce with potato, celery root, carrot, butter and thyme. Mmmmh, it sounded so good.

Norwegian Lapskaus is a traditional beef and potato stew. It is considered a hearty country dinner for 'commoners'. Each Scandinavian country has it's own version (even Northern Germany has it's own lapskaus with herring and beetroot.) The jar Mor Lapskaus (Mamma's Stew) also has carrot, swede, celery root and herbs - parsley, thyme, bay leaf, oregano and white pepper! (No wonder some Hollywood celebrities like the 'baby food' diet!)


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