We always seem to find ourselves in cemeteries in the middle of the night. (It's not that we're weird or anything, but...) things just keep drawing us to them. Sometimes it's because we are searching our genealogy, sometimes it is the view (as Norwegian cemeteries always seem to be on a hill above the city) but mostly it's to learn the stories of Norwegian past as there are many monuments, sculptured graves and old churches within the white picket fences of hallowed ground.

Tonight it was the 'gravlykter' (grave lanterns) flickering in the night that brought us to Tromsø Cemetery. The cemetery has a prime location overlooking the city with the famous Ishavs Cathedral in the background. It was the perfect opportunity to play with long exposure. (Can you see what image is on the left side of the picture below? Look downwards on the picture or darken your room to see it more clearly.)


As we were walking through the cemetery looking for different lighting effects, I focused my camera on Moose and followed him through the graves. I wasn't expecting much as there was no real lighting along the pathway. After the shutter snapped shut my screen turned up blue with colour squiggles from the street lights in the distance.


It wasn't until we got home and loaded the pictures onto the computer that we realised what we had. The picture at first appears to be light squiggles in some mist but after a closer look we noticed the faces. Not just two or three but we are up to ten and still counting. Faces of women, of children, an old man with a beard, a fox and a wolf, and some creatures of the night. It is interesting how humans see things that aren't really there. We create stories from what we think we see to make meaning. But seeing faces in the blue mist, in a picture we took at a cemetery, in the middle of the night, on top of the hill over Tromsø city, above the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway, definitely means something to me.


We marked 10 of the clearer faces in the mist. How many faces can you see?


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